Steven L. Jaffe, MD – Medical Director

Dr. Steven Jaffe
Board Certification: American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
General Psychiatry
Child Psychiatry

Academic Appointments:

7/03 – present             Professor Emeritus of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Emory University School of Medicine

8/96 – 6/03                   Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Emory University School of Medicine

2/05                               Visiting Professor of Psychiatry, University of Hawaii School of Medicine

Clinical Appointments:

9/94 – Present             Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Morehouse School of Medicine

1/00 – 8/04                    Director of Youth Services, Charter Peachford Hospital

10/97 – Present            Psychiatric Consultant, National Football League

1/97 – Present              Psychiatric Consultant, Atlanta Insight Adolescent Drug Abuse Program

8/00 – 9/05                    Nelsen Price Adolescent Drug Abuse Treatment Program

1989 – Present            Recovery Outfitters (formerly known as Serenity House/MASH) Consultant/Medical Director

7/73 – Present              Private Practice, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Board Certification: American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

11/71               General Psychiatry – Cert No. 11597

3/75                 Child Psychiatry – Cert No. ChiP834


9/58-6/61         John Hopkins University

7/61-6/65         M.D., Albert Einstein School of Medicine

Post-Graduate Training:

7/65- 7/66        Pediatric Intern, UCLA

7/66- 7/69        Resident, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Harvard University Teaching Fellow in Psychiatry

7/71-7/73         Fellow, Child Psychiatry, Emory University Medical School

Recent Book Chapters:

2009          Jaffe, S.L. Attalla A. and Simeonova D.L.,  Adolescent Treatment and Relapse Prevention , Principles of Addiction Medicine, ASAM Textbook, in preparation

2006           Jaffe, S.L. and Solhkhah, R,. “Substance Abuse Disorders” Chapter 17, in  M. Dulcan and J. Weiner (Eds.) Essentials of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  Am. Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. Arlington, VA. pp. 389-414.

2005          Jaffe, S.L. “Substance Use Disorders” Chapter 14, in S. Sexson (Ed.), Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Malden, Mass.

2004          Jaffe, S.L. and Solhkhah, R. “Substance Abuse Disorders” in J. Weiner and M. Dulcan (Eds.) Textbook of Child Adolescent Psychiatry.  Am. Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., Arlington, VA. pp. 795-813.

2003          Jaffe, S.L. “Adolescent Treatment and Relapse Prevention” Section 13, Chapter 5 in A. Graham, T. Schultz, M. Mayo-Smith R. Riles, and B. Wilford, Principles of Addiction Medicine, ASAM, Chevy Chase, MD. pp. 1547-1553.

2002          Jaffe, S.L. and Simkin, D.R. “Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Children and Adolescents, Chapter 73 in M. Lewis (Ed.) Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – A Comprehensive Textbook 3rd edition, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA. pp. 895-911.

2001          Jaffe, S.L. and Estroff, T.W. “Use of Medication with Substance Abusing Adolescents” Chapter 11 and “Relapse” Chapter 15 in T.W. Estroff (Ed.) Manual of Substance Abuse Treatment, Am Psychiatric Publishing Inc., Washington, D.C. pp. 189-204 and 253-264.

Published and Accepted Research Articles in Referred Journals:

2008          Jaffe S.L. Allen S. Fernandez M. and Winters K. “Pilot Study of a Two Hour Workbook  – Intervention for Juvenile Delinquents with Substance Abuse”  abstract Am. Jl. on  Addictions 17, #4, p339

2008          Jaffe, S.L. The Risk of Stimulant  Abuse in Teenagers, Recovery Solutions 4 11th ed.  – p 26-31

2002          Jaffe, S.L. “Failed Attempts at Intranasal Abuse of Concerta”, J.Am.Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Jan. p. 44

1999          Jaffe, S.L. and Yager, J. “APA Practice Guidelines: a Pilot Study of a District Branch-Based Educational Intervention: Awareness and Reactions.” Academic Psychiatry, 23, p. 9-13.

1998          Jaffe, S.L. “Evaluating Adolescents for Substance Abuse”, Primary Psychiatry, Volume 5, #7, p. 71-75.

1992          Jaffe, S.L. “Pathway of Relapse in Adolescent Chemical Dependency Recovery”, Adolescent Counselor, p. 42-44 & 55, March Issue.

1991          Jaffe, S.L. “Case Report: Intranasal Abuse of Prescribed Methylphenidate by an Alcohol and Drug Abusing Adolescent with ADHD”, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Volume 30, #5, p. 773-775, September Issue.

1991          Brown, R.T.; Jaffe, S.L.; Silverstein, J.; and Magee, H. “Methylphenidate and Adolescents Hospitalized with Conduct Disorder: Dose Effects on Classroom Behavior, Academic Performance and Impulsivity”, Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, Volume 20 #3, p. 282-292.

1991          Brown, R.T.; Jaffe, S.L.; Silverstein, J.; Eckstrand, D.; and Magee, H. “Methylphenidate and Adolescents with Conduct Disorder: Dose Effects on Impulsivity, Academic Performance and Classroom Behavior”, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Volume 20, #5.

1986          Jaffe, S.L. “Learning Problems in Children and Adolescents”, Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, p. 603-605.

1986          Jaffe, S.L., and Franch, K. “The Meaning and Roles of Stuffed Animals for Hospitalized Adolescents”, Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry, 25, #4, p. 569-573.

1974          Jaffe, S.L., and Manis, R. “The Formation of a Milieu on an Adolescent Inpatient Ward: Staff Attitudes and Issues”, Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry 13, #4, p. 699-706.

1971          Jaffe, S.L. “Short Term Conjoint Therapy”, Psychiatric Opinion 8, #6, 38-42.

1969          Jaffe, S.L., and Scherl, D.J. “Acute Psychosis Precipitated by T-Group Experience”, Archives of General Psychiatric 21, p. 443-448.

1966          Jaffe, S.L. “Hallucinations in Children at a State Hospital”, Psychiatry Quarterly 40, p. 88-95.

Review Articles:

1999          Jaffe, S.L. “Substance Abuse in Children and Adolescents”, Atlanta Medicine 73 #2, p. 21-25

1994          Jaffe, S.L. “Integrating 12 Step Programs with Psychiatric Treatment for Adolescents”, Psychiatric Times, Volume XI, #6, p.35-36, June Issue.

1969          Jaffe, S.L., and Havens, L. “Guidebooks to Psychiatry’s Tower of Babel”, Psychiatric and Social Science Review 3, p. 18-22.

Books Written and Edited:

2000          Jaffe, S.L. Adolescent Substance Abuse Intervention Workbook: Working a First Step. American Psychiatric Press Inc., Washington, D.C.

1999           Jaffe, S.L., Senior Consulting Editor, Junior Drug Awareness Series, Educational Books on Abused Drugs for 4-6th Grade, Chelsea House Publishers.

1996          Jaffe, S.L., Guest Editor, Adolescent Substance Abuse and Dual Disorders, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, W.B. Saunders Co., Volume 5 #1, January Issue

1993          Jaffe, S.L. Step Workbook for Adolescent Chemical Dependency Recovery – A Guide to the First Five Steps,                           APA Press, Inc., Washington, D.C.

1990          Jaffe, S.L. Step Workbook for Adult Chemical Dependency Recovery – Guide to the First Five Steps,                               American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and American Psychiatric Press, Washington, D.C.

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