Family Program

Jordan Pond


Some of our best work is done with families. Addiction is a family disease, so we include the whole family in this process. When someone in a family changes, it requires change in the other members. We support that change. The son’s recovery leads to recovery in the whole family system.


We have regular family therapy and education as well as fun on family weekends, retreats, and whenever needed. We uncover issues the family is not handling well and work on these openly. We teach family members how to communicate better, just as we teach their young man. We counsel them on how to support him as he grows into the person he wants to be.

Therapy liberates the whole family. A new view of honesty gives the whole family the courage to tell secrets that have been troubling them. Then the therapeutic effect takes on a life of it’s own.

The success of the young man is usually proportionally related to the commitment and involvement of family. Our families are from all over the country and sometimes it is not possible for families to come to all the family meetings. When these times arise, we want to continue the therapeutic process by holding these family meetings via conference calls.

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