Adventurous Recreation


A common complaint voiced by the majority of young men as they consider living a drug-free lifestyle is that they will never “have fun” again. At ROI House, we strive to prove them wrong.


Adventurous recreation gives ROI House guys an opportunity for experiencing exhilaration without drugs. Our adventurous recreation is not only about having fun, it’s about discovering a fulfilling lifestyle that drug use will not permit. Physical achievement engenders pride. The intensity of adventure builds group trust, which is essential for taking the emotional risks inherent in therapy. Bonding facilitates accelerated development in all areas of a resident’s life. If our guys can face and even enjoy one new and demanding test with us, it’s our experience that they will face addiction and other tests of life with more optimism and confidence. The ROI House experience includes some form of recreation every other weekend, in addition to four major recreation trips per year.

One weekend a year, we take our residents tandem skydiving and they love it. Most of our clients admit that they have always wanted to try skydiving and jump at the opportunity. We anticipate their emotional reactions to this experience and build upon them, maximizing the value of their courage for life’s challenges.

The annual spring trip to the Georgia coast is another favorite. Camping, fishing for crab, telling stories around the camp fire, and learning survival techniques are unusual fare for most of our guys, from which they learn a new sense of belonging and adventure while sober.

The winter ski trip, which in the past has been to Park City, UT, Snowshoe, WV, and Vermont, like all our trips, is scheduled during the college and Avner Bush Academy holiday breaks. We make our mark on the slopes! Our fourth major trip of the year takes us to one of the southeast’s many beaches in summer.

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